Become a 2014 Bite Me Cancer sponsor now and support Bite Me Cancer’s 2014 goals.

We appreciate all our sponsors who keep us going in our mission to "fight cancer through research, education and inspiration." Currently, 2014 goals include:
  • Producing and distributing 400 more Teen Support Bags to hospitals and organizations who are serving teenagers battling cancer throughout the country to give those teenagers the support and inspiration they deserve. Bite Me Cancer also will be providing support programs where teenagers with cancer can come together to have fun and share their experiences.
  • Raising research funds and awareness for thyroid cancer. Research funds will be directed to specific thyroid cancer grants that Bite Me Cancer can monitor. The first 2-year grant will be given in spring of 2014, and want to support a 2nd grant before the end of the year. Bite Me Cancer will also be expanding awareness of thyroid cancer.

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