Let's Fund a
3rd Thyroid
Cancer research
Let's fund 2 grants!
In 2014, we achieved funding for our 2nd research grant; and in 2013 we achieved funding for our first research grant!

“Our mission is to fight cancer through
research, education and inspiration.
Attitude is everything; join us.”

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Did you know that Thyroid Cancer is one of the fastest growing cancers in the country? Have you heard that Thyroid Cancer is the "easy" cancer or the "good" cancer? We say: "The only good cancer is NO cancer!" The thyroid is in a very sensitive and important area of the body, and the impact of losing your thyroid as well as cancer spread beyond the thyroid can be quite a challenge. In some cases, the outcomes can be devastating to the individual. If you are looking for medical professionals to help you with Thyroid Cancer, please make sure they have a great deal of experience with Thyroid Cancer and not just thyroid issues. Do you know how to do a neck check? Do you know the symptoms of Thyroid Cancer? Do you know how many kinds of Thyroid Cancer there are? Click here for more information.


The state of Virginia will recognize Teen Cancer Awareness Week every third week of January beginning in 2015. Bite Me Cancer championed this resolution and received a unanimous vote by Virginia's General Assembly Click here for more information.

2014 GOALS

Thyroid Cancer Research: For 2014, we are continuing to raise funds for a second research grant; and our goal is to raise $60,000 this year. With predictions of thyroid cancer patients continuing to increase (almost 63,000 predicted to be diagnosed in 2014), we need to continue to increase our research fundraising goals to deal with this challenging type of cancer.

We have funded our first Thyroid Cancer research grant which was assigned in 2014 from our fundraising efforts of 2012-13. Click here for more information.

Supporting and Inspiring Teenagers Dealing with All Cancers: Our goal for 2014 is to ship out another 400 Teen Support Bags to those teenagers battling all kinds of cancer, after we distributed 200 Teen Support Bags in 2013. Our goal is to expand our network of hospitals and organizations who serve teenagers with cancer to 30 partners in 2014 from 19 in 2013. As even more hospitals/organizations request and distribute our bags, we need more funds to reach more teen cancer patients in 2014.


Join us in spreading the word that thyroid cancer is NOT the "good cancer." Nikki produced this video made up of herself and other thyroid cancer survivors sharing their challenges. Please help us fight against thyroid cancer and the incorrect assumption that it's the "good cancer." The only good cancer is NO cancer! Share this video with all your connections!


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