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Enjoy A Nationals Game from a Suite with Bite Me Cancer

Come on out to support teens battling cancer! Let's have fund and raise money for Teen Support efforts, including donating support bags to over 175 hospitals nationwide.

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About the Games

Buy tickets to any or all of the 4 games

You can choose to sponsor the food for one of our games in the suite.

You can even buy the whole suite for your own use for any of the 4 games!

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A Little More About Our Efforts

The donations from this event go to support

Bite Me Cancer's Goals:

  1. Provide support and inspiration to teenagers dealing with all cancers by handing them our Teen Support Bags. These bags are distributed to teens in every state and DC through our partner network of over 175 hospitals. So far, Bite Me Cancer has given bags to almost 9,500 teenagers! 

  2. Find better treatments and perhaps cures for thyroid cancer by directly funding thyroid cancer research grants. We are working on funding our 10th grant this year!

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