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Teen Support Bags

Our highly popular Teen Support Bag Program provides inspiration and support for teenagers with all cancers across the country.  Currently, we have over 200 hospitals/centers in our network that distribute our Teen Support Bags to teenagers in every state. Our Teen Support Bags have been given to almost 12,500 teenagers so far, as of June 2024!

Nikki identified a gap in support for teenagers dealing with cancer when she was diagnosed at 17 years old. Younger pediatric patients receive great support, and adults can better handle their own needs. Teenagers are "stuck in the middle." They have unique challenges. They need our support!

Scroll below to watch an impactful video of Nikki talking about why she started the foundation. Also, review our list of bag items and some testimonials. Interested hospitals can also find a link further down the page.

Teen Support Bags: Text

Learn More About Why Nikki Started the Teen Support Bag Program

Interviewed by Leon Harris, NBC4 Washington, DC, 2018

Nikki was chosen as one of "Harris' Heroes", part of Leon Harris' program to highlight people doing great things in the Greater Washington DC community.  Nikki tells her story here and hands a bag to a teenager with cancer at INOVA Children's Hospital in Fairfax, VA.

Teen Support Bags: Who We Are

About the Bags

Bite Me Cancer’s broad-reaching support is achieved through the Teen Support Bags program. Our Teen Support Bags are delivered to teenagers in hospitals and treatment centers across the country while they deal with cancer. We even have a few nonprofit organizations who deliver our bags to their teen cancer patients. The Teen Support Bags include such items as an Amazon gift card, adult coloring book, stress ball, knit beanie hat, journal, water bottle, gamebook, and other age-appropriate items. Items are updated based on availability and our study as to what teenagers would like in the bag. Each bag currently costs us $90 to put together and ship out.

Teen Support Bags: About

What's in our bags

Amazon Gift Card

Adult Coloring Book

Coloring Pencils

Custom Ink Free Shirt

Stress Ball


Knit Beanie Hat

Water Bottle

Playing Cards

Game Book

Ear Buds

Fuzzy Socks

and more!

Teen Support Bags: What We Do

What Our Partners Have To Say

“Thank you for all you do for our patients.  The support bags really do brighten up their day when they receive them, especially after absorbing a ton of information about their treatment course. You guys are making a difference and your sacrifice will be rewarded.”

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, PA

Teen Support Bags: Testimonials

Bite Me Cancer is Accepting New Partners

As of February 2024, we have delivered Teen Support Bags to almost 12,000 teenagers dealing with cancer in every state and DC through our network of almost 200 hospitals! The numbers continue to grow as more hospitals are in need of our unique support to give to their patients. We raise funds for this Teen Support Bag program so that the hospitals and the teenagers can receive them for FREE.

Teen Support Bags: Welcome
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